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The endemic Cretan frog (Pelophylax cretensis)

Welcome to my personal site. I have worked with several websites linked to my work at universities or NGOs, but some year ago I felt that time had come to make my own, where I now can show the world what I do – and also tell you more about my plans and projects.

Please feel welcome to comment on this site ”under (permanent) construction”.

Winter 2024

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5 kommentarer på “Welcome to my pages!
  1. Renato Neves skriver:


    Excellent idea to build you own website! I hope to see here some of our common “old adventures”, and specially your future projects…
    All the best from Portugal

  2. Hjort skriver:

    Link the page to all your other activities such as Hörjel, TH, your new engagement in nature conservation etc. And hurry in the flight is soon leaving

  3. Anders Jansson skriver:


    very nice radio program you and Peter just made on the Sommar gylling. I have never seen one like that before, indeed very tropical appearance!

    Best regards, Anders & Carina

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